Atmosphere ‘Kanye West’

Llegará a las tiendas el próximo 6 de mayo el nuevo proyecto musical del grupo hip hop originario de Minneapolis, Atmosphere, nacido en 1989 y actualmente formado por apenas dos integrantes: Slug (Sean Daley) y el deejay y productor Ant (Anthony Davis).

‘Southsiders’, esto el titulo del disco, será el séptimo trabajo del grupo, sucesor de ‘The Family Sign’ de 2011 y el segundo adelanto del álbum es el single ‘Kanye West’ de que hoy podemos ver el vídeo oficial.

La canción habla sobre un amor complicado, un amor no correspondido que casi se convierte en algo exacerbado y obsesivo (algo que nos recuerda la canción ‘ATLiens’ de Outkast) que se inspira al tema de Kanye ‘We don’t care’.

El clip ha sido dirigido por Pete Lee que presenta una trama en estilo Bonnie y Clyde.

A continuación, la letra de ‘Kanye West’:

Put your hands inAnnotate the air like you really do care, oh yeah

Put your hands in the air like you really do care, oh yeah

Put your hands up like you give a damn and a fuck, put ‘em up, put ‘em up

Put your hands in the air like you really do care, oh yeah

She said she want somebody she could take care of

And right then is when we paired up

Pull a chair up and make space for yourself

You should taste what I felt

It’s probable that those on the bottom gonna hold you accountable

It’s lonely at the top and it’s also hostile

Everyone got their own course full of obstacles

Don’t let your heart grow cold like a popsicle

She said she want someone to treat her as an equal

And right then we started speeding towards Reno

Burning rubber in a burgundy Regal

Fly like the dove then dive like an eagle

I’m a 70 deuce, that year was a classic

Buzz got loose and we’re here trying to catch it

She said that she was unimpressed

That’s when I stood up and did the Kanye West

She said she needed a place to feel free

And right then we started building a team

Trying to make a better perfect, a little purpose

The only thing for certain is the sleep disturbance

But every since people started measuring time

We’ve been looking for an easy way to settle our mind

Take a load off or take your clothes of

Or shut your eyes and roll straight for the roadblock

She said she needed something that she could blame

And right then is when I offered my name

It’s the only thing I’ve got that’ll always remain

So I’mma share it with you so you can complain too

She said she want to find a cure for death

I knew she meant that in the purest sense

But when I finally die put on your Sunday best

Then throw your hands in the sky like Kanye West

You need to prove nothing to me

The time got a price, but the trouble is free

If we gonna struggle I’mma do it comfortably

And live life like I love to breathe

Oh yeah, oh yeah

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